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Safely depowder additive manufactured parts in PowderShield™ — a customizable enclosure that inertizes the process of removing residual powders used in 3D printing. The depowdering process, and operator, are protected with a repeatable hermetic seal that prevents inhalation of particles, and the system is electrically grounded to prevent static buildup and potential ignition of metal powders. With the addition of an argon management system, PowderShield™ can maintain a < 1ppm O2 + H2O work environment and create an interior unidirectional flow to further contain plumage of powders. Because the depowdering is done in an inert environment the particles can be recycled and reusued, saving money on costly metal powders—titanium alone can cost between $200 - $400 per kilogram. The ROI is one more reason AM facilities should invest in PowderShield™

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