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Online rheometer

The ViscoSensor provides continuous measurements of the melt flow rate or apparent viscosity directly on the manufacturing process. The ViscoSensor system consists of two parts: a Viscosensor Rheologic Sensing Unit (RSU), connected directly to the process, and a Rheologic Control Unit that controls the ViscoSensor test parameters, provides outputs of computed results, and provides communications to an external distributed control system when required.

  • Attaches to process using a single M18 pressure port or flange mounting
  • Effective solution for online viscosity or melt index monitoring
  • No waste stream, tested sample is returned to process
  • Online ASTM D1238 melt flow rate, ISO 1133, or JIS K 7210
  • Online apparent and intrinsic viscosities
  • Interchangeable capillaries
  • Compact measuring head for close extruder connection
  • Simple “in the field” calibration
  • 2 Vertex Mercury Free Pressure Transducers for high accuracy
  • Platinum RTD melt temperature sensor immersed in molten stream for accurate test temperature measurement

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