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Moisture analysis

LWP-MAA is a moisture content scale with technology developed for weighing in the laboratory. Time, temperature and different drying programs can be adapted to analyze a variety of materials and samples. The adjustment is facilitated by the fact that measured values can be shown graphically in the display. RS232 communication to printer or computer and for report printing in accordance with GLP.

Order a complete moisture analysis scale that is adjusted, calibrated in both weight and temperature!

Moisture analyser dbs
  • Backlit LCD graphic display with digit height 15 mm 
  1. Drying process active 
  2. Previous drying time 
  3. Current temperature 
  4. Unit of the shown result, e.g. moisture 
  5. Current moisture content in % 
  6. Active heating profile 
  • Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W 
  • Observation window above the sample, useful during initial setting 
  • Internal  for automatic run of 10 drying programs and 100 drying processes already executed 
  • The last value measured remains on the display until it is replaced by a new measurement 
  • Sample description for up to 99 samples, 2 digits, freely programmable, and is printed in the measuring protocol 
  • Date and time display as standard 
  • 10 sample plates included 
  • Protective working cover included with delivery 
  • Application handbook: On the internet, you will find a practical application handbook containing many examples, field reports, settings and tips for each KERN moisture analyser[/]Tip: Faster, more precise, more comparable results - this is how you can optimally use your KERN moisture analyzer! Learn all tips & tricks about your KERN Moisture Analyzer in this seminar

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