We have a full range of scales, counting scales, laboratory scales, industry scales, pallet scales. We also perform accredited calibrations from 0.0001g up to 6500Kg

DC-788 Counting Scale Kern ABT-220-4NM Desk- table Scale Vibra SJ Our own counting scale QHC
Type-approved system counting scale. Can be connected, for example, to larger floor scales. Many different capabilities and features. LED display. Label printer as an option. Automatic internal adjustment if temperature changes >0.5 °C, 4 decimals max 220g, automatic transmission measurement data to PC, 3 slide glasses. Desk scale from Vibra, model SJ. A careful and compact desk scale with tuning fork technology. Type-approved according to OIML Class II. The QHC scales are very fast, stable, accurate and filled with features that make the particular handling much faster and easier.
DC-788 vagar Vibra SJ QHC
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