Universal testing machines

MTS Electromechanical Universal Test Systems


Criterion 40 Series

MTS Criterion Series 40 Electromechanical Test Systems provide accurate high-speed, low-vibration testing in both load and position control. They are ideal for low- and medium-force applications such as testing composites, polymers and plastics.
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Exceed 40

Exceed 40 universal test system is a more simple 

Static-Hydraulic Systems

Criterion 60 Series

MTS Criterion Series 60 Static-Hydraulic Test Systems are engineered to perform tension and compression tests on high-strength specimens of a variety of shapes and sizes, including metals, piping, rebar, rock and concrete.

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Exceed 65

The Exceed 65 static-hydrauilc systems

Impact Systems

Exceed Pendulum System for Metals

These extremely rugged and reliable test systems provide data to show the impact resilience of metal specimens. The MTS Exceed® Pendulum Impact System for Metals delivers quality results with the utmost care. Despite being capable of delivering forces strong enough to fragment a specimen, the system provides several features to help ensure test operator safety.

Exceed Pendulum System for Plastics 

Highly reliable MTS Exceed® Impact Test Systems for Plastics deliver accurate, repeatable results for a wide variety of plastics and other nonmetallic materials.

These systems integrate durable pendulum and braking mechanisms with intuitive controls and a range of accessories to perform accurate, repeatable monotonic tests on plastics and other non-metallic materials, including:

  • Hard plastics
  • Composites
  • Nylon
  • Rubber
  • Ceramics
  • Biomedical products
  • Fibers and textile

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