Pallet scale

Upgrade your pallet scale

If you have an old pallet or floor scale it can in some cases be more favorable to renovate/upgrade it instead of buying a new one.

We quote custom made industrial scales in accordance with the requirements of extreme environments and loads separately as required.

Upgrade pallet scale (PDF)

Tensile Tester

Upgrade your universal tensile tester

The alternative to buying a new universal tensile testing machine might be to modernize your existing equipment.


Are you working with an older MTS, Zwick, Instron, UTS, Schenck, Alwetron etc. today and are looking to invest in new equipment for materials testing? Before you decide a costly new investment, you should let us make an assessment of your existing equipment to determine if an upgrade could be an option.

The development has gone very fast the last few decades. We have seen amazing progress in electronics, processor technology, data processing, analysis and presentation. New technologies, despite the increased complexity, dramatically improved productivity and accuracy in different test systems and equipment.

In order to take advantage of the new technology, one can consider replacing old equipment with new. Of course, a whole new test equipment, can be both necessary and economical to achieve the desired measurement results in a the best way. However, sometimes a simple upgrade of existing equipment provide the same benefits to a significantly lower cost. ICS can offer this with new hardware and software from MTS Systems.

This upgrade means that an existing system gets new control system and, if necessary, a new engine. Furthermore, the system gets modern standard software in a Windows environment that in a user-friendly manner makes it easy to present and makes measurement results available. You also get a system with built-in calibration. In contrast, you are able to keep mechanics that in many cases can be just as good and expensive as if you were to buy new, as well as grips, fixtures and other accessories that can be very costly to replace. Maybe there are a large set of custom made fixtures for your own products?

Our service technicians have extensive experience in the existing instruments on the market (MTS, Alwetron, Instron, Schenck, UTS, Zwick, etc.). With this in our portfolio we are able to perform an upgrade of all exisiting brands of universal tensile testing machines including support and dealing with any warranty issues on the parts covered by the upgrade.

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