ICS AB accredited laboratory since 1997

To perform control or testing with uncalibrated measuring and testing equipment is to guess the outcome. An expensive instrument with great precision may be a necessary condition for an accurate measurement, but is in itself no guarantee of measurement accuracy. Maintenance, inspection and calibration based on calibrated normals is therefore an activity of fundamental importance.


ICS AB has been calibrating e.g. tensile testing equipment since the mid-eighties. Over time demands have increased and in the mid-nineties we decided to invest in an accreditation of our business. In April 1997 we were ready and were accepted by SWEDAC. We are listed as lab No. 1515 in the Swedish Mätplatskalender.

How does it work?

Our accreditation means that SWEDAC, Sweden’s National Agency for Technical Accreditation, reviews and approves our competence against the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. Assisting SWEDAC is a professional independent technical evaluator who reviews our methods and references. The accreditation is audited once a year by SWEDAC and/or technical evaluator. An accreditation can be withdrawn if the requirements are not met or key employees leave.

What does our accreditation mean for our customers?

  • √ Our measuring equipment is controlled and calibrated to national references of the national test site
  • √ Our staff has sufficient competence for the tests
  • √ The measurement results are stored in privacy for at least 6 years
  • √ We participate in national and international tests and comparisons
  • √ Our methods, references and results are approved and comparable to other labs around the world
  • √ Our measurements are of high quality with a defined measurement uncertainty

Privacy policy:
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